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I love this program and I love how it is so affordable and I will stick with it to the end, I'm sure.
Yours, Lani

I have listened to the CD twice so far and it is powerful -- at least while listening to it. I hope this eventually translates to various improvements in my life. Thank you.
Live long and prosper!
Michael Collinge
Parksville, BC, Canada 
Hi Ethan
I have listened to the sleep CD a couple of times now. I really quite like it, In fact I love it... I listened to the first 30 minutes of the meditation CD today, I have to be honest I was a little bit nervous about trying it, because I have still been using the Holosync (in the absence of anything else!), but it's lovely, I will try again a couple of times before going for the full hour, although I have been using the Holosync for the full hour so it probably will be okay. It is definitely comparable, definitely you have done a very good job in producing these and offering them to the public.
hi there
Love the track for the first level
Thanks, Joan
I just want to say that these Tracks really are powerful. It's awesome.
Jerry K
I have been working as a Clairvoyant and healer for 20 years. I tried level 1 out of curiosity and indeed it has helped my spiritual practice greatly. I feel much more in tune and my connection with my guides continues to become clearer and stronger. My readings have become more in depth and I know they are becoming more beneficial to my clients. I have even Channeled one of my guides a few times since using this program. I really didn't think it was possible to speed up my process but this technology really works. I guess this is part of the global awakening that is happening. We're allowed to wake up and remember who we are now so we are being given the means to achieve it. Thanks..
I have been practicing Kung Fu and some Taoist methods of meditation for a few years now. I'm always looking for something to speed up the process so I was keen to give your meditation CD’s a try. I quickly moved up to level 2 as I love the power from the soundtracks. After 2 months of using it in combination with the Taoist practice I had a spontaneous Kundalini experience. It felt so good, I could feel this power traveling up through my body, waking up energy center's on its way. The amount of power I now have in my Kung Fu practice has tripled!
I have been meditating for 6 years and have had many amazing experiences and changes in my life as a consequence. I tried level 1 to see for myself if this technology actually worked and I must say I was very impressed. I had tried other meditation soundtracks and none of them seemed to really do anything. You were right when you said these tracks are powerful. I had the deepest meditation I had ever had the first time I used it. I'm now on level 3 and have gotten all my friends to start on the program as well. Thanks heaps for "supercharging" my meditation.
I had used other programs like this one and was quite happy with the one I was using. I tried the Level 1 to see what it was like, as it was free to download. It was better than the one I was using. My mind felt much clearer, I don't know why this is but I have converted. I was able to move quickly through the first few levels as I had been using the other similar program and I am now on Level 4. Its also a lot cheaper than the other program I was using. Thanks
I am somewhat of a skeptic but also a bit of an adventurer so I decided to try these tracks out anyway. I must admit that I was shocked at the power of them. As soon as I turned it on my mind suddenly felt clear. The constant thoughts that are usually present were suddenly quiet. I had never felt that type of quietness before. I have now been using level 1 for a week and already I feel more patient, centered and clear throughout the day. I am now quite excited about what this program may offer. I will keep you posted..
K.B., Washington
I am a Yoga Teacher and have been meditating for 10 years. I wouldn't have thought that technology and spiritual practices mixed but they surely do. My meditation has taken on a whole new meaning, its so much deeper and the amount of information coming through is phenomenal... Thanks
J.O., Texas