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Dominant Brainwaves
Although the brain is always emitting brainwaves at each different band it is the dominant brainwaves at a particular time that dictate the conscious state of an individual. By using audio technology to entrain the brainwaves to become dominant in a certain band we can thereby give an individual a powerful push into the desired conscious state. By doing this we can induce numerous mental and emotional states in an individual such as meditation, excitation, motivation, anxiety, irritation, sexual excitement, relaxation, spiritualism and more.

Specific Brainwave Frequencies

With our technology we can not only induce certain bands of brainwaves but we can be extremely precise and induce exact frequencies. Some very exact frequencies have been found to cause effects in the brain like the release of neurotransmitters and hormones such as Serotonin or Human Growth Hormone. All of our soundtracks are extremely precise and induce exact frequencies in the listener.

Lambda 100 - 200hz

Recently reported very high frequency brainwaves. Associated with wholeness and integration. Also associated with mystical experiences and out of body experiences. Interestingly these extremely high frequency brainwaves seem to ride on a very low frequency Epsilon wave. ie If you were to zoom out from the high frequency Lambda wave far enough you would see that it is riding on a larger very low frequency wave.

Gamma 40 - 100hz

Gamma brainwaves are usually very weak in normal people but have recently been found to be very strong in Tibetan monks while doing a Loving Kindness meditation. 40hz becomes the dominant frequency of these monks while meditating and it is also the frequency that the core of Earth resonates to. A very important frequency when it comes to higher awareness and mystical experiences. Click Here to learn more.

Beta 12 - 38hz

Beta states are the ones associated with normal waking consciousness. Low amplitude beta with multiple and varying frequencies is often associated with active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration. It can be useful for people with ADD, depression or other emotional problems and can help with focused concentration, alertness and increasing IQ.

Alpha 8 - 12hz

Awake but relaxed and not processing much information. Scientists have shown that highly creative people have different brain waves from normal and non-creative people. In order to have a creative inspiration, your brain needs to be able to generate a big burst of Alpha brain waves, mostly on the left side of the brain. The brains of creative people can generate these big Alpha brain wave bursts, and do so when they are faced with problems to solve. Normal and non-creative people do not produce Alpha brainwave increases when they are faced with problems, and so they cannot come up with creative ideas and solutions. Any time you have an insight or an inspiration, you know your brain just produced more Alpha waves than usual.

Theta 3 - 8hz

Theta waves have been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition as well as other extrasensory perception skills. Theta allows us to receive creative inspirations and is also responsible for many visionary and spiritual experiences. Out of body experiences can occur at theta frequencies as can spontaneous healings and other mystical experiences. The highest amounts of Human Growth Hormone are released at a high Theta frequency and the Earths ionosphere resonates to the same rhythm. This frequency is also where much of the brains normally unused areas become most active.

Delta 0.5 - 3hz

Delta activity is characterized by frequencies under 3 Hz and is absent in awake healthy adults, but is physiological and normal in awake children under the age of 13. Delta waves are also naturally present in stage three and four of sleep (deep sleep) but not in stages 1, 2, and rapid eye movement (REM) of sleep. Finally, delta rhythm can be observed in cases of brain injury and comatic patients. This is also the deepest state of meditation where profound psychological healing takes place if the practitioner can enter the state while retaining consciousness.

Epsilon < 0.5hz

Recently the brainwaves below 0.5hz have been classified as a separate band called Epsilon. Interestingly again we find that they are strongly related to the highest frequency brainwaves (Lambda) in that if you zoom in far enough you would see that embedded within the slow Epsilon frequency is a very fast Lambda frequency wave. The same states of consciousness are associated with both Lambda and Epsilon waves. Wholeness and integration seem to be the main themes of these brainwaves.