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The Sleep Solution

By Using Brainwave Entrainment Technology We Can Easily Induce The Brainwave State Most Conducive To Sleep.

Imbedded Behind the peaceful sounds of gentle waves breaking on the shore our specially mastered technology induces a deep Delta brainwave state.

I was using sleeping pills for around six months after being an insomniac for two years. I wasn't happy with using drugs but I didn't know of any alternative. After using your CD for 2 weeks I have already stopped using these drugs and am sleeping like a baby. Thanks heaps and I hope others will read my testimonial and decide to give it a try. Cheers...
K.S., Sydney, Australia

This technology is a break through for those who have trouble sleeping. In modern society there is a huge number of people who are stressed out from the fast paced lives we live and when it comes to sleep time many have trouble letting go of their worries and mental activities which would allow for easy access to the sleep state.

It seems to be reaching epidemic proportions with many seeking help through the use of sleeping pills and various other drugs. These drugs are extremely addictive and often lead to a state of dependence in a very small time frame with higher and higher doses being needed. Although these drugs may indeed induce sleep they can often lead to bad dreams, and do not give the user a proper sleep at all. Instead of inducing a sleep that would replenish the persons energies properly they induce an intoxicated sleep which actually drains the persons energy, especially sexual and mental energies.

On an energetic level the action of the drugs is to draw out energies from the body, which induces an intoxicated state of increased relaxation. The regular use of such drugs is bound to decrease sexual energy leading to such problems as loss of sex drive, impotence and frigidity. As sexual energy is strongly related to mental energy the brain will also suffer leading to early exhaustion. These effects may take some time to become apparent depending on the age and current energy level of the user but these possibilities should not be ignored. Just because science cannot yet measure these metaphysical effects certainly does not mean that they don't exist.

For those with problems falling asleep, the problem is that they have forgotten how to enter different states of consciousness freely. Once this ability has been lost it can be hard to regain as the person becomes used to lying in bed awake for hours and may even fear going to bed. This is not natural as we should all have the ability to fall asleep at will whether at bed time or during the day.

The use of brainwave technology does not create a state of dependence but actually leads to the relearning of how to induce different states of consciousness at will. After using this technology for a while to help induce the required brainwave state for sleep the user will usually find that they can induce the state easily and effortlessly on their own.

Instead of creating any kind of dependence the user goes back to the natural state of being able to sleep easily and effortlessly. Clearly this is a superior solution to insomnia in comparison to becoming a drug addict just to get to sleep.

This sound track is 40 minutes long and gradually takes the listener into a deep delta brainwave state. It can be used with or without headphones.

Available via Download $35