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Gamma Meditation

Gamma Brainwaves Are High Frequency Brainwaves Which Are Usually Very Weak In Normal People!

In Tibetan Monks These Brainwaves Have Been Found To Be Far More Active! The Highest Levels Ever Recorded Were In Tibetan Monks While Doing A Loving Kindness Meditation!  

"The first time I used the Gamma track I could feel it activating my brain. I saw a bright light and I felt an amazing warmth in my head and chest. I could only handle 20 minutes of it and had to turn it off. Afterwards my head felt strange and I found myself smiling for no reason. It was like something had switched on inside me. I can't wait to use it again, I will definitely make it a regular part of my practice. Thanks Ethan..."
Lee Peters, Sydney

When Gamma brainwaves are strong the entire cortex is activated. It is a brainwave that integrates the brain and helps it to work as a whole. When the brain works as a whole it is not surprising that the experience is of being whole. It is a natural state of being and it is the state of all babies. The babies brain has strong Gamma activity as their brain has not yet been segregated into distinct parts. Their sense of self is simple, whole and integrated. As the child grows up however their brain starts to work in compartments with some parts becoming more active and others less active. As the personality becomes more complex and the Gamma brainwave becomes weaker the child starts to look for its sense of self in what it does and how it relates to the world instead of its wholeness, its being.

This is a turning point in the evolution of the ego. When does the child's sense of self shift from its presence, the beingness that was born to that of the ego. It is a gradual process but there are periods where the child is actually aware of the shift. The awareness of children should not be underestimated. As the ego develops the child's sense of self still comes from its close connection to its essence, the ego is just there learning how to navigate through its new environment but it is not complex enough to give a sense of selfhood. It is only years later when the ego becomes increasingly complex that the sense of self shifts from that of Essence to that of Ego. When this occurs the Gamma brainwave has become much weaker and the brain becomes disjointed. Different sectors of the brain have been conditioned for certain circumstances and interactions. Certain parts are used for different types of thoughts, beliefs, skills, emotions and feelings. The wholeness that once existed is replaced by a conditioned and segregated brain.

The segregation of different parts of the brain is not a problem of itself as certainly the brain needs to learn many things and different parts must specialize. The problem is when certain parts become dominant over other parts which leads to unbalance. Certain parts of the brain relate to positive emotions and when these parts become less active due to the structure of the ego the individual is left in a state that is not appealing. If the Gamma brainwave was to remain strong the unbalance caused by the specialization of the brain would be far less and the emotional centers would remain active.

It has been found that depressed people have low levels of activity in the left prefrontal cortex while Tibetan monks had extremely high levels of activity. With this soundtrack the Gamma brainwaves are activated in a very powerful way which leads to the activation of the left prefrontal cortex and the integration of the entire cortex. This means that previously compartmentalized and unbalanced parts of the brain are brought into greater interaction and balance producing feelings of wholeness, integrity and bliss.

Possible experiences while listening:

Feeling of warmth inside the head.

Actually feeling parts of your brain becoming more active.

A state of extreme relaxation and bliss.

A feeling of letting go of preoccupations and fears.

Feelings of opening and warmth in the chest, throat and belly region.

Release of tension in the body in particular the chest, throat and belly.

Feelings of energy rushing up the spine.

Seeing lights, possibly flashing lights with eyes closed.

Rapid and spontaneous eye movements.

Clear memories of the past, sometimes so clear it is almost like reliving the experience.

Spontaneous memories of very early childhood.

Feeling of letting go of self and entering a blissful state without your usual "self".

Feeling whole and integrated.

Feeling grounded, calm and solid.

Possible Experiences After Listening:

Feeling more awake than usual, more in control and steady.

Having much greater concentration.

Feelings of opening, warmth and energy in the head, chest, throat or belly throughout the day.

Feeling energy rushing up the spine throughout the day.

Feeling tired in the early stages while the brain gets used to the push of the technology.

Feeling a little spaced out in the early stages.

Emotional catharsis while negative emotions are being released.

Feeling happier and more confident.

Feeling better than you have felt for many years.

Feelings of much greater love for yourself, others and the universe.

Increased patience and understanding with others.

Feelings of gratitude.

This soundtrack is very powerful and it can have a strong cathartic effect when first used. As it activates certain parts of the brain that may have been fairly dormant for some time it can bring up memories and painful emotions from the past to be cleared. Memories of childhood can become very vivid as your brain gets closer to the state it was in during youth.

Just as entraining to very low frequencies exercises the brain, so too does entraining to very high frequencies.

Love is the bond that holds the Universe together and when it comes to brain frequencies it is Gamma that provides this function. The Tibetan Monk achieves extremely high Gamma frequencies through loving kindness meditation and now you can easily experience these frequencies.

This is a 30 minute sound track that quickly ramps up to 40hz and then holds you there. A combination of entrainment methods have been used to make it as powerful as possible. It will be effective with or without headphones but is most effective with good quality stereo headphones. These are highly recommended for this soundtrack.

If you are using The Meditation Solution then you can mix this sound track in with your practice however you wish. A good idea is to do a few days Med Solution then 1 day Gamma or if you do more than one session a day you could use Gamma for one of the sessions. Take it slow at the start (10 minute session) and work your way into it.

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