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Audio Programs

The five programs we offer are for meditation, study, sleep and harmonic sex and they all use the most powerful and precise entrainment technology available. We pride ourselves on offering the very best sound tracks available. There are other companies selling similar programs for high prices. For instance one company sells a similar meditation package for around $300-$400 per level. You can rest assured that the quality and power of our products is as high as any other company out there.

The study, sleep and harmonic sex programs all use brainwave entrainment technology that can be used without headphones. This is beneficial as it allows the user to remain detached from the sound tracks while they study or continue other activities. Certainly wearing headphones can be quite annoying especially when trying to get to sleep (or while having sex ;). The forms of entrainment used for these programs are very powerful and have actually been found to provoke larger cortical responses than binaural beats so you can be sure that they are effective.

The Meditation Solution does require the use of stereo headphones because it uses binaural beats. Binaural beats have been found to be the best form of entrainment when it comes to entering very deep brainwave states as other methods often become ineffective at deep delta levels. The Meditation Solution takes users to the deepest delta state possible which means Binaural Beats had to be used and so stereo headphones are required.

Binaural beats explained: When a different frequency sine wave is introduced into each ear using stereo headphones, the brain begins to resonate to the difference between the two frequencies. For instance if we were to introduce a frequency of 150Hz into one ear and 160Hz into the other, the entire brain would begin to resonate to a frequency of 10Hz (10Hz is an Alpha brain wave pattern). As the two frequencies go in and out of phase with each other, a binaural beat is created in the brain which corresponds to this phasing of the two sine waves. If you were to just listen to the sine waves you would actually hear the binaural beat within the brain and not the two separate beats of the two sine waves. The brain will resonate to this Binaural Beat causing the brain waves to become entrained to that beat.

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