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Harmonic Sex

Imagine If You Could Expand And Extend Your Orgasm And Greatly Increase The Pleasure Of Sex By Simply Listening To Some Music With Embedded Brainwave Technology!

In Fact This Audio Technology Does More Than Just Expand Your Orgasm, It Puts You In Harmony With Your Partner So That Sex Becomes Infinitely More Satisfying!

For Males It Becomes Easy To Last As Long As You Like (No More Premature Ejaculation) And For Females It Becomes Infinitely Easier To Have Orgasms As You Become Extremely Relaxed And Uninhibited! 

"My partner and I always had a good, regular sex life. We've always been pretty adventurous so when I heard about your sound tracks I thought I might as well give it a try. The first time we used it we truly had the best sex we'd had for at least a year or two. It was incredible how intimate the experience became, it felt like our senses were heightened and you could really feel how the other felt. Mike lasted for over an hour and I had some of the most powerful and longest orgasms I had ever experienced. Afterwards we felt so completely satisfied it was unbelievable. Since then we always use the sound tracks and its always great sex. I cannot give greater credit... I had no idea this type of thing even existed, I hope everyone can find this technology and have better sex!!!"
Sarah K., England

Sex is supposed to induce different states of consciousness and therefore different brainwave states but unfortunately many people have become stuck in an agitated mental state with brainwaves to match. This leads to sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity, inability to orgasm and the list goes on. Indeed nearly all sexual problems can be helped greatly by simply calming the mind into a deeper state of consciousness. Partners can merge with one another far more easily and know intuitively what their partner desires. Also with a calming of the mind the individual becomes more in touch with their instincts and their own sexual energy, giving them far greater control.

Some of you may have experienced sexual encounters where you feel really connected with your partner, you seem to merge with one another's energy and the pleasure seems far greater than normal. The resulting orgasm from such an encounter usually far exceeds the ordinary orgasm that many are used to. This is the way sex should be every time... Not just now and then!!

With This Technology You Will Have Amazing Sex Every Time!!

How Does It Work?

We use cutting edge technology to digitally re-master music and give it powerful brain activating features. Subtle beats, pulses and modulations cause slight vibrations in the ear drum which echo along your sensory cortex and lead to precise cortical evoked responses. These responses activate and optimize the frequency and amplitude of your brainwaves, eliciting an immediate and very powerful change in your mental state.

The resulting sound tracks can be listened to on any stereo and do not require the use of headphones. Traditional brainwave entrainment technology requires the use of headphones to gain the desired effect which is quite limited, especially if you want to use it during sex ;). With our technology you don't even need to listen to the music, as long as you can hear it, it's working.

The specific brainwave states that our soundtracks elicit are perfect for making love as they lead to the release of many beneficial neurochemicals and hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and growth hormone. They also lead to increased blood flow to the brain which makes it much easier for a male to last much longer in bed. As well as these physical effects the state of consciousness induced is one of great relaxation of inhibitions, increased awareness and heightened sensation. The many problems associated with female sexuality are often caused by tension and the inability to relax, likewise premature ejaculation, impotence and other male problems are caused by the same type of tension. By simply listening to the music these problems are reduced dramatically!!

These Soundtracks were originally created to help people who were practicing Tantric Sex.

Basically Tantric Sex involves controlling sexual energy and circulating it throughout the body to experience full body orgasms. It also involves circulating, blending and cultivating sexual energy between partners which can lead to ecstatic experiences that truly defy description. It was realized that brainwave entrainment could be used to help induce a deeper state of consciousness that would make Tantric sex easier and more natural. As soon as I had created the soundtracks and gave it a try I realized that it could benefit everyone, not just Tantric partners. It certainly made Tantric Sex easier, more natural and far more pleasurable!!!

I gave the soundtracks to some acquaintances who don't practice Tantric sex, and who don't even know what it is and they all had the same response. They all said things along the lines of it making sex more intimate, naturally longer lasting, more harmonious and orgasms being more intense, longer and more dispersed throughout the body instead of restricted to the genitals like their normal orgasm. When I told these people about Tantric Sex they all became very interested.

It became obvious very quickly that many people could benefit from this technology whether they practice Tantric sex or not and hence it is now available for you.

These Soundtracks Are Unique!

I am not aware of any other person or company selling anything like this.. There are many companies selling drugs, nasal sprays and other chemical means to help with sexual problems which I believe to be completely unnecessary. These soundtracks will reduce nearly all sexual dysfunctions and make sex better even for those who have a great sex life already. By practicing Tantric Sex in conjunction with the use of this technology all sexual problems will be healed and sex can become something far greater. The ecstasies possible with Tantric Sex truly defy description... Orgasms can be expanded into the body and extended for very long periods leading to amazing states of pleasure that cannot be compared with ordinary orgasm!

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