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Increase Your IQ

Increasing your IQ and all other mental functions is quite possible!

In fact with the use of our soundtracks it's easy!

Many believe that intelligence levels remain constant throughout life and that not much can be done to increase it. This is completely incorrect as the brain is actually malleable and can and does restructure itself throughout your lifetime. This restructuring can be sped up and adjusted with the right technology and practices!

Indeed anyone who desires to become more intelligent, more creative and function at higher levels can achieve this!

The brainwave technology embedded in all of our audio products actually pushes the brain to restructure and create new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres as well as other areas of the brain.

Neurotransmitters and various beneficial hormones are also released in greater quantities which makes the restructuring possible. The physical brain can and does change and can become restructured for higher performance in all areas of life.

Another important variable that effects intelligence and mental functioning is the emotional nature of the individual and their belief system. It is quite common for a seemingly intelligent person to have great trouble with certain types of abstract thought and analytical thinking because of engrained belief systems and emotional repression. When a person with engrained belief systems is presented with new ideas and information that contradicts what they believe to be true they will often rebel against the new information based on their emotional ties to their old belief system and fail to actually process the new information. This type of hindrance to free thinking inevitably retards the individuals intelligence and actually effects the physical brain. Any strongly held belief system is actually based on repressed emotions and this is the reason that a very structured thinker may have great trouble in accepting anything contradictory. They fail to even use their intelligence or analytical processes to work through new material as their emotional response is one of defensiveness and repulsion.

Without working through repressed emotions and freeing the mind from structured belief systems, the full and inherent intelligence of any human being cannot flourish and express its wisdom in all aspects of life.

The Meditation Solution takes the user beyond their usual limits and structured beliefs into a deep state of consciousness where repressed emotions and beliefs about self, others and life and death can dissolve and be released. This type of purification leads to a true freedom of intelligence which can lead to massive jumps in IQ, creativity and indeed all mental functions.

The Study Solution puts the user in the perfect state for learning and can increase memory and intelligence enormously. The best thing about it is that no extra effort is required by the user. All you have to do is press play, then study as normal and your mind will be optimized for storing and processing information.

By using brainwave entrainment technology for meditation, studying, sleeping or any other activity you are actually training your mind to access different states of consciousness at will. After using the technology for a while people find that they can easily access different brainwave states without the technology as they have gained control over their own conscious state. There is nothing better for increasing intelligence and mental functioning than gaining control over your mind. This type of control has previously been known only to the few elite such as genius thinkers, artists, musicians, etc who were born with these gifts or those mystics who have gained these greater powers through meditation or other mystical practices. You can now easily and effortlessly gain greater intelligence, creativity and mental functioning as well as clear your mind of past conditioning and limited belief systems.

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