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Q & A

Can I listen to the soundtracks all night while asleep?

No. You should not listen for extended periods like during sleep as too much subconscious material may be released. This could cause a state of overwhelm and is not recommended.

Can children use this technology?

It may not be a good idea for children under the age of 13 to listen as their brain is still very much in the developmental stage. After this age it is certainly safe but for young children we advise against it.

How much time should I listen per day?

Generally 1 hour and 20 minutes a day is a good amount of time to listen for all the levels although you can always do more if you want to repeat track C. It is always up to you how much you can handle.

How long until I should experience results?

This will vary for each individual. Some will experience tangible results in just a couple of days while others may not really feel the benefits for weeks. The idea is to just listen everyday and to not be too attached to the outcome. In time it is impossible to use this technology and to not experience profound results, so just be patient and continue with the program. If you want faster results then you should use specific meditation or spiritual practices in conjunction with the sound tracks. You will find some very powerful practices at

What if my mind is racing and I don't feel as though I am actually meditating?

True meditation is not always blissfully peaceful as you will soon find out. Meditation's purpose is to first clear the mind of all emotional and mental conditioning. As this is being done, often subconscious material is being released into consciousness which can make your mind seem even more chaotic and your thoughts may become uncontrollable. This is simply part of the purification process and these times are often when you are really progressing. Rest assured that after each bout of catharsis you will feel much clearer and you will experience more peaceful and blissful meditations than before (Until the next layer of subconscious material comes up of course).

What if I am not experiencing any catharsis. Does this mean the program is not working?

No. Everyone will have different experiences with this technology and some may not experience catharsis at all. What everyone will have in common is that they will become clearer, more centered, more grounded, happier, more intelligent and more successful. As a rule, whatever is meant to happen and is most beneficial for you in the long term will happen. Each and every experience you have as a result of the program is exactly what you are meant to experience at that particular time.

How do I know when it is time to move up?

When the level you are on seems to be less powerful than it was, there is less subconscious material coming up and you feel that you want more power it is time to move up. You must be your own judge and move up when you feel you are ready. Everyone will be different in how quickly they progress through the levels and so it really is up to you. Remember that the more you do the more you get so if you listen every day it is likely that you will be ready to move up much earlier than someone who only listens every other day.

I have partial hearing loss in one ear. Will the technology still work?

Yes. As long as you have some hearing in each ear it will still work just the same. It is the frequencies that are important, not the volume of the sine waves. If you are totally deaf in one or both ears, the technology may still work. The vibrations will still get to the brain via bone conduction. We would love to hear from people like this to find out their experiences. If this is you or someone you know please give it a try and let us know what happens.

Can I do something while listening to the soundtracks?

It is not a good idea as meditation is an act of going inwards. If you are distracted by outside influences the benefits will not be as great although the technology will still be working on you. Do not drive a car or anything like this while listening. The tracks put you in an altered state of consciousness which is the opposite of what you want when driving. If you must use the tracks while doing something, make sure it is something basic that requires little attention however, you should try to follow the instructions and listen while sitting with eyes closed as this will give you the most benefit.

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