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The Study Solution

By studying the Brainwave Patterns of many extremely gifted geniuses, musicians, artists and experienced Meditators, scientists have mapped the exact brainwave states these individuals achieved while learning new information, creating their respective art or contemplating/ meditating etc.

With the imbedded brainwave technology used in The Study Solution sound tracks we can recreate these brainwave states in anybody with ease.

"This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have been studying Pharmacy for 2 years and believe me it doesn't get more boring than this. With these CD's I can get through the same amount of study in half the time and it feels like no time at all. It's like going into a time warp and when you come out you know all this new stuff. I am so happy with this!!!! Thanks"
R.H., Indiana USA

Simply by listening to the study solution your brainwaves are activated and optimized for learning in a very powerful way.

This leads to some very profound and important changes taking place:

Greatly increased concentration, focus, relaxation, learning and memory.

Increases in many neurochemicals beneficial for learning, including: Endorphins, Seratonin, Vasopressin and Catecholamines.

Balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to whole brain functioning.

Reduced filtering of information by the left hemisphere leading to a relaxed receptivity to learning.

Balance between sequential/ linear and global/ intuitive styles of processing leading to much greater access to internal and external sources of knowledge.

Mind chatter is greatly reduced leading to huge increases in concentration and focus.

The ability to accept new information in a non-analytical, non-judgmental way.

The ability to learn new languages and memorize huge amounts of information effortlessly.

Increased access to intuition leading to far superior problem solving and creative abilities.

New ideas springing from intuition as well as by reasoning and deduction.

Increased intelligence, focused attention, creativity and clarity.

Increased relaxation along with reduced heart rate and blood pressure, relaxed muscles and a higher percentage of oxygen in the brain.

Superlearning abilities with vast improvements in all mental and cognitive functions.

Activation of LTP (Long Term Potentiation) vital for the forming of new long term memories.

Increases in the retention and recall of learned material of up to 3000%.

The Sound Tracks:

The study solution sound tracks use Mozart as the carrier for the embedded brainwave technology. Mozart has been documented to be beneficial for studying on its own so when combined with our powerful brain activating technology you have the ultimate performance enhancer. The technology works as long as you can hear the music and does not require the use of headphones. The volume can be set to a low level that does not disturb your concentration.

Simply play the music in the background and your brain will be dialed in and ready to perform. Your focus and concentration will be increased significantly as will retention and absorption of information. You can look forward to cutting your study time in half as you can accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time.

The Study Solution includes 2 sets of sound tracks:

The Alpha tracks put you in a state of relaxed concentration where cognitive functions are clearer, learning is faster and memory is dramatically increased. This state is the best for doing things like making study notes or doing research and assignments. All study activities that require reading, writing, analyzing data and basically any other type of work are enhanced dramatically with the use of this CD.

The Theta tracks put you in a brainwave state of superlearning. With this precise sound track you become like a sponge and literally soak up all information presented to you. The filters of the left hemisphere are bypassed so that information is remembered without having to pass through the analytical and judgmental process. This state is the best if you want to read and remember what you have read. If you have study notes or just want to read a book and remember exactly what was in it, this is the sound track for you. Learning new languages becomes infinitely easier as does memorizing huge amounts of new information. With this track you can sit for hours and just soak up all the information you need. It will all be stored in long term memory for later and retrieval will be a breeze.

Both of these sound tracks put you in a very relaxed but focused state where your mind becomes very quiet. All your worries and preoccupations disappear while you are listening so that you can put full concentration on the task at hand. No more reading pages and not knowing what you have read because your mind was wondering off. No more needing to get up every 5 minutes out of pure boredom and frustration.

Another benefit of this technology is that it retrains you to be able to adjust your brainwaves and therefore your state of consciousness at will. After using the sound tracks while studying you will be able to access the same states without the sound tracks which will be very useful during exams.

Available via Download $35