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Lambda Meditation

Lambda waves are very high frequency brainwaves associated with wholeness and integration. They are also associated with mystical and out of body experiences.

 Interestingly these extremely high frequency brainwaves seem to ride on a very low frequency Epsilon wave. ie If you were to zoom out from the high frequency Lambda wave far enough you would see that it is riding on a larger very low frequency wave.  



This track is for those who are experienced meditators. If you have been using the other tracks for a while then you may be ready to up your brainwaves to the next level. You should be used to the Gamma track before starting with Lambda. This track really works on the crown chakra and sparks the intellect, it can cause many exotic experiences. It has been found that the Tibetan monks who can sit for hours in the snow wearing very little have high rates of Lambda brainwaves. It is the high frequency energy that fills their being from the crown that allows their body to radiate heat and melt the snow.

The effects of this sound track are very tangible and many phenomena are possible during its use. I was reluctant to release it track as it is quite powerful. I have had it for a long time but now I have had a few requests for a high frequency Lambda track so here it is! Enjoy...

Available via Download $29


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