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Some extraordinary changes occur within the brain as a result of Brainwave Entrainment Technology including changes in many neurochemicals:

  • Seratonin levels are increased, leading to relaxation and an easing of pain and anxiety. It is also important for concentration and focus. Seratonin has been linked with depression and other disorders, with low levels being found in Patients diagnosed with depression.

  • Acetylcholine levels are increased leading to increased learning and memory abilities. In scientific studies, subjects given substances that increase Acetylcholine production showed great improvements in learning and long term memory. Low levels have also been linked with the confusion and memory loss characteristic of Alzheimer's disease and so this technology could be an important way of reducing the possibility of Alzheimer's disease in later life.

  • Catecholamine levels are increased which have been found to be vital for learning and memory.

  •  Vasopressin production increases, improving learning and memory significantly and also stimulating the endorphins. It has been used to restore memory in amnesia patients and subjects who were given Vasopressin have shown dramatic improvements in learning and memory.

  • Many endorphins are released which enhances many mental functions as well as giving feelings of euphoria and well being to the lucky participant. Endorphins are responsible for what is known as runners high and are similar in action to Opioid drugs which are known for their euphoric effects on consciousness. In studies scientists have injected rats with endorphins and found that they had enhanced maze running and learning abilities as a result of the injections. Endorphines are also part of the brains natural reward system with a rush of them being released when something new is learned, therefore helping to concrete the memory of the learned material. Also when you have an insight or an "Ah Ha" moment they are released giving a reward for mental work and therefore a desire to grow and learn more.

  • Growth Hormone is released in much greater quantities in the brain. This substance is vital to the health, strength and vigor of the body and in fighting off disease and the aging process. In normal people this hormone's production decreases massively at about the age of 15, when the body stops growing. The only way to produce more of this substance is to meditate to the delta level which before this technology could only be achieved by very advanced meditators. In the 1990's, synthetic growth hormone was injected into a small group of elderly men with astonishing reults. All showed a sudden rejuvenation with some showing a reduced physiological age of up to 20 years. Unfortunately this was very expensive and when the treatment was stopped the effects disappeared. Luckily for us the Meditation Solution increases its production and release with ease.

  • Cortisol, a hormone produced in the adrenal glands is one of the main factors related to physiological aging. It is produced more and more the older we get and stress is a key determinant in the production of this hazardous chemical. Through the use of this technology cortisol levels have been found to decrease by around 40%, sometimes much more.

  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is also produced in the adrenal's and is the precurser to nearly every hormone needed by the body. It plays a key role in physiological age, health and resistance to disease. High levels lead to a slowing of the aging process and vice versa. As we age, less and less is produced leading to more susceptibility to stress and the effects of Cortisol. DHEA levels have been found to be increased by the use of this technology by around 40% on average and up to as high as 90% for some individuals.

  • Melatonin is a hormone related to sleep and rest. It is vital for the bodies rejuvenation process to work effectively. Unfortunately as we age we produce less of this substance resulting in less sleep and therefore less time for the body to rejuvenate. The consequences of this are an increase in the speed of aging, the older we get. Studies have shown that using this technology can actually increase melatonin levels by as much as 100 or even 300%.

These are just some of the chemicals that have been studied and we know are effected in positive ways. I am sure that in the future many more will be found through research to come. All of these effects are very exciting but even more so is the actual restructuring of neural networks within the brain and the creation of new connections between the right and left hemispheres. This restructuring would probably not be possible without the above changes in the chemicals throughout the brain and body.

The Brain Actually Becomes Restructured With New Neural Connections And Networks Being Created.

As the entire brain becomes entrained to a specific frequency all parts resonate to the same brain wave pattern. This leads to a balance between the two hemispheres which in normal people are nearly always out of balance. Most people are dominant on either side. This causes a splitting between analytical type functions and creative/intuitive type functions and therefore a massive drop in possible mental performance compared to if the two sides were balanced and working together. One of the main findings with the EEG experiments on various geniuses and artistic people was that their brains worked as a whole. It was shown conclusively that these outstanding individuals had a far more balanced brain than an ordinary individual. The consequences of this whole brain functioning are higher intelligence, creativity, intuition, focus, motivation, purpose, will power, among many others. The cognitive superiority of whole brain functioning has been proven beyond any doubt.

Dolphins brains actually operate in this way, with the two hemispheres being in balance and working together. Interestingly when they go to sleep their brains shut down one side at a time and start to function like the ordinary human brain. I wonder if we appear to be asleep from the dolphins perspective ;)

By simply listening to our specially mastered soundtracks your brain is given a very precise impulse. Besides entraining your brainwaves this impulse also pushes the brain to create more neural networks. The impulse is too much for the brain to cope with as it is currently structured, causing it to grow and create a larger more efficient structure. After using The Meditation Solution for a while the brain restructures enough so that the impulse is no longer hard to handle. At this point we increase the impulse to the brain by lowering the carrier frequency which leads to further restructuring. The Meditation Solution consists of 12 levels which each take around 6 months of daily use to complete. The Levels get gradually more powerful until Level 12 which is as powerful as the technology can be made. The restructuring makes the brain far more balanced, efficient, creative and intelligent.

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